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Massimiliano Vivalda "AMISTA" Barbera d'Asti 2003 A serious contender with sophisticated notes of leather, barnyard and cedar wrapped up in toasty vanilla oak. A hint of char adds an edge to a streamlined palate infused with earth, mushroom and strawberry tones. A slight lack of persistence takes it out of the top flight. Fully mature, drink now. ¬W.E. (2/1/2010) ¬89

Massimiliano Vivalda "'L Clumbe" Barbera d'Asti 2004 Light¬bodied and juicy, this is an eminently quaffable Barbera, with loads of bing cherry fruit and a refreshingly fruity but short finish. The open¬knit structure makes this easy to partner with flavorful fish. Drink now. ¬W.E. (2/1/2010) ¬87

Massimiliano Vivalda "Vendemmia" Dolcetto d'Asti 2007 A modern, fruit-forward version with appealing blackberry and mulberry flavors that turn more sedate on the palate. While short, the finish shows enticing mixed berry fruit. A year in the cellar will soften the slightly drying tannins and integrate the pronounced acidity. ¬W.E. (2/1/2010) ¬86

Massimiliano Vivalda "Nettare" Moscato d'Asti Opens nicely, with peach pie and baked pear shot through with notes of Fernet Branca. Turns a bit earthy and slightly frothy in the mouth. The high level of sweetness and moderate acidity make this a good choice for pairing with dessert. Drink now. ¬W.E. (2/1/2010) ¬83

Massimiliano Vivalda 2004 Barbera d'Asti I Clumbe Barbera Sharp herbal scents contrast ripe plum flavors in this chewy red. For pizza. ¬86pts BESTBUY


"2006 Massimiliano Vivalda Barbera d'Asti I purchased this little gem at, I believe, Pastoral, and it goes for around $12¬$15 bottle, depending on the retailer. Barbera wines come from the Piedmont region, situated in the northwestern corner of Italy, and the "d'Asti" means from the town/area of Asti.

Barbera generally tends to be somewhat more fruit¬forward than other Italian wines, but this had nice acidity, very minerally–almost carbonated, and had notes of thyme, black currant, and a hint of coffee. It's a great wine for the price, and while I generally find most Barbera to be drinkable, I found that the acidity, which was almost a bubbly minerality, set this wine apart from the rest of the wines in this class."

"The family¬owned Massimiliano Vivalda estate in the Nizza Monferrato commune provides a perfect example. Their unpretentious, guileless 2007 Massimiliano Vivalda Barbera d'Asti, Italy (Specialty, 24775, $14.99) brings a smile to the face as it warms the heart with sheer pleasure."

"Massimiliano Vivalda's Barbera d'Asti offers light ruby color with delica ate cherry and violet aromas. Fruity flavors s bursting with ripe cherries and plum ms unfold on the palate. The lively vein of ac cidity supplies energy and verve, while e soft tannins impart just enough structure to balance the dry, but fruity finish h.

Try it t with either Genoa salami and Parmigiano o¬Reggiano cheese or pasta with white e cream and mushroom sauce. Highly recomommended."

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